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W7 Prime Magic Anti-Redness Face Primer - Green Colour Correcting Face Priming Formula - Vegan Makeup

W7 Prime Magic Anti-Redness Face Primer - Green Colour Correcting Face Priming Formula - Vegan Makeup

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Tired of redness ruining your look? Look no further than W7 Prime Magic Anti-Redness. This powerful solution is your secret weapon against unwanted red tones, giving you a smooth and even complexion. Say hello to a flawless base that's sure to turn heads and boost your confidence.

Get ready for an effortless application experience with the lightweight and blendable formula of W7 Prime Magic Anti-Redness. No more fussing over your makeup routine - just apply and go. Embrace your natural beauty with the magic of W7 Prime Magic Anti-Redness, the ultimate must-have for your daily beauty arsenal. Say hello to a vibrant, radiant look that lasts all day.

Discover the confidence-boosting effects of W7 Prime Magic Anti-Redness. Whether it's a night out or a busy day at work, this beauty essential ensures your skin stays fresh and flawless. Say goodbye to redness and hello to a radiant, natural look that's sure to make you feel beautiful and unstoppable.

About this Product

  • ANTI-REDNESS - Our colour-correcting primer glides over skin, minimising pores, blemishes, imperfections and discolouration such as redness or rosacea. Creating an even-looking smooth skin surface for makeup
  • MAKEUP PRIMER - A green, light formula that easily blends for a naturally beautiful, shine-free complexion. Making makeup easy to apply, stay in place and look great for longer, reducing fine lines.
  • HOW & WHEN TO USE - Apply after moisturiser, before your foundation or base. Use a pea-sized amount, gently working into your skin with your fingertips until it covers your face evenly. Then buff your foundation on top.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY - W7 Cosmetics are designed in London by professionals. All our products are safe on sensitive skin. Ideal for women and teens of all ages & anyone who loves high-quality cosmetics
  • CRUELTY FREE - W7 products are 100% cruelty-free. None of our products are tested on animals.
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