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Technic Natural Lashes Conditioning Clear Mascara Gel

Technic Natural Lashes Conditioning Clear Mascara Gel

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Technic Clear Conditioning Mascara Gel

Made from cruelty-free ingredients, this product is a Natural Lashes conditioning mascara from the Technic cosmetics brand. The mascara comes with a hydrating formula, and contains extra minerals that will nourish the user's skin and hair, while each container holds 10ml of mascara solution. Dye-free, it comes in a gel form, which is easy to apply to lashes when required.

Nourish and protect your lashes with Technic Natural Lashes Conditioning. This clear mascara gel is infused with conditioning ingredients to help keep your lashes healthy, strong, and shiny. It also helps to tame and lengthen your lashes, giving you a natural-looking flutter.

Technic Natural Lashes Conditioning is perfect for everyday use. It's also a great way to prepare your lashes for mascara or false lashes. Apply the gel to your lashes before applying your makeup, and enjoy the benefits of conditioned, healthy lashes.

Technic Natural Lashes Conditioning is also easy to remove. Wash your face with your regular cleanser at the end of the day.

About This Product

  • Nourishes and protects lashes
  • Keeps lashes healthy, strong, and shiny
  • Tames and lengthens lashes
  • Gives lashes a natural-looking flutter
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Easy to remove

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