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Make up Brushes High quality synthetic soft 10 pcs ( white colour )

Make up Brushes High quality synthetic soft 10 pcs ( white colour )

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Ditch the brow pencil for years! Get amazing tattoo Eyebrows

Eyebrow tattoos, also called microblading, use tiny needles to add color to your skin. This creates fine lines that look like real eyebrow hairs. It's perfect for people with thin or uneven brown eyebrow tattoo who want a more filled-in, polished look.

Why you'll love Tattoo Eyebrows:

  • Wake up with great brows: No more drawing them on every day! Save time and feel confident with perfect brows.
  • Natural-looking: Tiny hair strokes make your brows look full and real, not fake or drawn on.
  • Long-lasting: Enjoy your brows for up to a few years with just a touch-up later.
  • Easy care: No more makeup needed! Tattooed brows are waterproof and smudge-proof.
  • Customizable: We'll pick the perfect shade to match your hair color and style.

Number organised from right to left  number

1.powder brush
2.powder blush brush brush
4.powder/BB/CC cream brush poedwr brush
6.9.10 eyeshadow brush
7.highlight brush
8.foubdation brush

Big brushes
Length:15 cm
Diameter:2 cm
Small brushes
Length:18 cm
Diameter:0.9 cm

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