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Pretty Moisturising Lip Balm Pearlshine-Softening and Smoothing

Pretty Moisturising Lip Balm Pearlshine-Softening and Smoothing

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Pretty Moisturising Lip Balm

You'll feel relief within seconds, and it will last throughout the day. A natural softening effect on your lips. Pearlshine Lip Balm provides fast-absorbing and soft lip care.

Pretty Lip Balms is the most moisturizing and hydrating lip balm. It helps to maintain your lips with softness and protects you from the damaging and harsh effects of dirt, germs, and cold. Your lips will always stay soft, pure,non-dry, and moisturizing. For intensive care and long-lasting moisture, Pearlshine Lip Balm offers fast-absorbing and pampering soft lip care.

Product details

  • Brand: Pretty
  • Item form: Balm
  • Category: MISC
  • Sub Category: Lip Care
  • Product benefits: Softening and Smoothing


As this is one of the infused smooth texture lip balms, this is totally a combined package of natural and mineral oils. Some ingredients included hydrogenated castor oil, alcohol, tocopherol, aqua, and many more.

Usage and storage condition

In a cold and dry place, this Pearl shine lip balm needs to be stored. In that case, the best result will take place after applying due to formulated and hydra moisturized work.


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