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Moroccan Traditional Lipstick ClayPot(hand made )

Moroccan Traditional Lipstick ClayPot(hand made )

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Moroccan Lipstick clay pot

MLT Cosmetics offers the most popular Moroccan Lipstick clay pots. Aker Fasi lipstick from Morocco offers natural color and smooth finishing.

It is made from organic poppy flower petals and a very red pomegranate pot, which makes flawless checks and natural-looking lips. 

Key Features of Moroccan Lipstick

  • 100% organic
  • vegan ingredients
  • 2 in 1(can use both on cheek and lip)
  • Traditional and authentic Moroccan products
  • Long-lasting and buildable colour
  • Made in Fez, Morocco.

Instructions for the use of Moroccan Lipstick:

  • First, a lip brush on your face and lips
  • Take a lip brush on you can also your finger
  • Now, wet your lip brush with water or spray the water on the upper surface of the clay pot.
  • Then rub the brush or the top of a wet clay pot, take some products and apply them to your lips and check
  • starts from the center and blurred it to our words
  • Take multiple layers on your lips so that you can get a deeper and more beautiful colour if required. 
  • Ensure that each layer dries thoroughly before applying the next one.
  • Avoid licking your lips to prevent ingesting the clay
  • After use, securely close the lead of the clay pot to keep the Lipstick fresh
  •  To remove the products, you can use your regular makeup remover or oil-based cleanser.
  • Enjoy the natural, rich color and moisturizing benefits of Aker fassi lipsticks.


Aker fassi is a vegan-friendly, all-natural pigment created from dried pomegranate peel and poppy petals. It is initially packaged as a powder. To give the powder a long-lasting composition, make the powder solid using Moroccan traditional skin care mud and allow it to cure like a clay pot. The product comes with a rose water spray in a packet.

Benefits of Moroccan Lipstick:

Richly moisturizing, with anti-toxin characteristics that smooth the skin, Moroccan Lipstick, also known as Berber Lipstick or Moroccan red Lipstick, has become increasingly well-liked due to its special characteristics and advantages. Here are some details emphasizing its advantages:

  1. Natural Ingredients: Moroccan lipsticks are traditionally made from natural ingredients such as poppy flowers, pomegranate, and various plant oils. This natural formulation is gentle on the lips and avoids harsh chemicals often found in conventional lip products.
  2. Rich pigmentation: Moroccan lipsticks offer rich and vibrant pigmentation, providing a bold and long-lasting color payoff. You can enhance the color's intensity by layering the products, giving you the freedom to create personalized looks.
  3. Moisturizing properties: The product contains nourishing oils, like organ oil, which help moisturize and condition the lips. This moisturizing effect prevents dryness and chapping, leaving the lips soft and hydrated. 
  4. Cultural Heritage: Moroccan lipsticks are deeply rooted in the country's cultural heritage. They are often handcrafted using traditional methods passed down through generations, adding an artistic significance to the products. 
  5. Sun protection: Some variants of Akne Passi may contain ingredients with natural sun protection properties, offering protection against harmful UV rays. 
  6. No harsh chemicals: Being made from Aker fassi is free from harsh chemicals often found in conventional lipsticks, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and irritation.
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