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3D Hair-like Eyebrows Tattoo Sticker ZX - Lasting Waterproof Makeup

3D Hair-like Eyebrows Tattoo Sticker ZX - Lasting Waterproof Makeup

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Authentic-looking 10 Pairs 3D Hair-like eyebrows Tattoo Sticker, damage-free and safe, with multiple styles to choose from. With 3D tattoos, you can create realistic eyebrows.

Why You'll Prefer It:

3D Hair-like Eyebrow tattoo Sticker offers you stunning, realistic-looking eyebrows with 3D tattoo brows. Simple to Use: To get a full and beautiful effect, simply dip a stick in some water, peel it off, and place it on your brows.

Product Description

Brows are water-based brow stickers that can be applied instantaneously to the brows to generate the desired shape and 3D hair-like strands. No expertise in makeup artistry is necessary! After it sticks, the effect lasts for up to 7 days and is waterproof and smudge-proof!


  • Stick-on Eyebrows
  • 3D Hair-like Texture
  • Long Lasting
  • Makeup-friendly
  • Pain-free

        DIRECTIONS: Position 3D eyebrows on the desired area. Wet the paper side with a small amount of water.

        Peel slowly and DONE

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