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3 pcs ShifaWise Black Seed Clarifying Soap 125g

3 pcs ShifaWise Black Seed Clarifying Soap 125g

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ShifaWise Black Seed Clarifying Soap: Natural Benefits for Your Skin

Experience the power of nature with ShifaWise Black Seed Clarifying Soap. This soap is specially formulated with nigella sativa seed oil, also known as black seed oil, to deliver a range of benefits for your skin.

Deep Cleansing and Clarification:

  • Gently removes impurities and clarifies your skin without stripping away natural oils.
  • Suitable for dry and rough skin types thanks to the moisturizing properties of glycerin.

Natural Ingredients:

  • Made with nourishing ingredients like ShifaWise Black Seed Oil, glycerin, and natural oils for a gentle yet effective clean.

Target Your Skin Concerns:

  • Anti-aging: Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Eczema Relief: Soothes and calms eczema rashes.
  • Antibacterial Protection: Provides a shield against bacteria for healthy-looking skin.
  • Sun Protection: Offers some protection against harmful UV rays (consult a sunscreen for complete sun protection).
  • Cracked Heel Repair: Regular use helps heal and prevent cracked heels.

Gentle and Safe:

  • Free of alcohol, aerosols, and allergens (except D-Limonene) for sensitive skin.

Convenient and Long-Lasting:

  • Available in a single pack of 3 bars (125g each) for easy stocking or gifting.
  • Enjoy a shelf life of 18 months after opening.
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